Cat Training Equipment – The Zapper Collar

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One thing that people find with cats, perhaps more than any other domestic pet, is that the cat’s behavior will often be very much exactly what suits them, and that trying to persuade it to act against its instincts is something of a battle. There is no doubt whatsoever that cats are more comfortable behaving the way their instincts tell them, and so it is important to work with its instincts to make sure that it behaves in a way you can live with.

One very common behavior that is shown by cats who are used to getting their own way is scratching, when a cat gives its claws a workout by picking at furniture or carpets, and even when you call its name to warn it against doing so it tends to continue. Equally, a lot of cats have a tendency to “over-bury” in the litter tray, scratching away at the litter for a prolonged period until such time as it is physically removed.

One thing that is often used by owners to prevent cats from behaving in such a manner is the zapper collar. Some of these collars emit an electric shock which provides an impetus to stop problem behavior. However, there is great debate over whether this is a humane solution to problem behaviors. Many zapper collars are less than humane – after all, would you physically hit your cat for carrying out such behaviors? That is what it amounts to. However, more humane variations, including one that sprays a citrus scent (unpleasant but not injurious to cats), may be a worthwhile investment.

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