When Cats Go Crazy

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Every cat owner has the same problem. When our cats behave as normal, they are a joy to live with. They are cute, they are often very loving, and they do some highly amusing things when they are relaxed and think that no-one is looking. Then, all of a sudden, they take leave of their senses and start running around the house or apartment at high speeds and perhaps making noises that sound like something out of a horror movie. We, as owners, sit in stunned silence and wonder what the heck is going on.

As small predator/prey it is built into every cat that they will respond to anything they sense – whether it is real or perceived – and sometimes they sense things that you cannot see and sometimes they are looking at something you should check out, like a big bug.

There are those people who think that cats are more tuned in to the paranormal world, and that they act as they do because they’ve seen a ghost. More likely, it is because of climatic conditions. High winds, drafts and loud noises get some bizarre reactions from cats.

It can also be as simple as the temperature has come down to a point where you cats are able to exercise their cat like super-powers to run amok about the house.

If it begins to bother you that your cat responds to things in this way, then it is important to take them out of their pattern of behavior. If your cat responds to high winds by scampering around and yowling, then the best thing to do is try to move them to somewhere more central in the house, and speak to them in a soothing way until such time as they calm down. For the rest of the time, the best bet is to limit the amount of space they have to run. Quickly, they will understand that they are in no danger.

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